A Review on Ed Hardy Clothing

Tattoos on t-shirts have never been this cool, thanks to the creative genius of Don Ed Hardy, tagged as the Godfather of contemporary tattoo and the person behind the popular art-inspired fashion apparels—the Ed Hardy Clothing. Combining elegance, art, and fashion, Ed Hardy Clothing has indeed come a long way. From its humble beginnings in 2004, Ed Hardy has been able to produce a clothing collection inspired by his first love—tattoo design. Today, with more than a dozen stores under its belt, Ed Hardy’s collection has mushroomed into something more than lifestyle gears such as computer and mobile accessories, bags, shoes, caps, and a whole lot more.

What sets it Apart?

Ed Hardy Clothing’s tattoo design is probably what makes it stand out amidst a sea of other clothing brands. Each piece is made of unique design rich in colors and good taste. Every piece of cloth is treated with authentic creativity like a true artist painting on an empty canvas. Aside from this, the clothing line also makes it a point to use authentic and top-of-the-line materials making it a true winner when it comes to durability and loyalty. Plus, it is also one of the first clothing lines to ever bank on tattoo as design for shirts. Since the line has branched out to more than just pure clothes, there are now better options for people with elegant taste. So, aside from shopping for tops and jeans, you can also include accessories and other gears in your shopping cart.

Price Range

Ed Hardy Clothing goes along the same price range as the other clothing lines. Tanks and tops are priced under $40 while jackets and hoodies are under $50. There are also denims and dresses under $100. But the best part does not stop there. Ed Hardy sure knows how to take care of its customers, both loyal and first-timers, that is why they have come up with regular sale promos. They hold Customer Appreciation Days which gives out as much as 25% off on all items! For a brand that is known for its design and quality, that is definitely a pleasurable treat!

Customers’ Reviews

With more than a decade of enthusiastic service, Ed Hardy Clothing has been able to generate a good base of loyal supporters. In fact, a lot of celebrities can be spotted wearing Ed Hardy apparels. Some of the popular Ed Hardy loyalists include Penelope Cruz, Victor Martinez, Flo Rida, and La Roux. But Ed Hardy Clothing do know that a bulk of its supporters come from regular customers wanting to have a taste of something fresh and artsy. Most customers appreciate the fact that the brand is accessible in most cities and countries. There is also an effective customer service support when doing online purchase. Ed Hardy’s site features a user-friendly interface which allows customers to browse through each catalogues easily. Those who follow the line also like the idea of releasing regular collection for each season. It is a good assurance that the brand which they have come to love is always on the lookout for something best.